The next step in the life of an artist

It was quite a weekend! After teaching my Saturday classes, I met up with a VCS family in Sacramento to help them shop for an artist-level trumpet for their son. This is a special time, especially for the young artist! He'll go through many transitions on his journey, but this one is especially memorable; the upgrading of an instrument from the beginner tool he had as an elementary student to the real deal! These are instruments made by the world's finest craftsmen and played by the best musicians in the world. He has to choose one of them! 

Our enthusiastic student was treated exceptionally well at the shop. They gave him a private room and servants brought in tens of thousands of dollars worth of professional trumpets to try out. 

"Sir, how about this one?" "Hmmm... "No, the timbre is not broad enough for my taste. I like the clarity of sound and feel in this one over here, but I'm not convinced that the construction of the first valve slide will meet my requirements." (This, coming from a VCS 7th grader!!)   

I'm used to this type of talk; it's the language of a young creator selecting the one item that will most likely be in his possession for the rest of his natural life! I know how he feels. It's like you're choosing a part of you.  

How will he know when he finds the right trumpet?? It just happens, and only he will know!! 

Hours later... 

"Martin!! This is it! This trumpet is the one!" The familiar face of a happy artist looks at me with a triumphant grin! He thinks he's made the discovery of the ages! What he's done has been part of the artist's tradition that spans centuries! This was his first genuinely creative choice! It was a silver Bach Strad -- not the most expensive -- it wasn't even new, but it was his choice, which makes it priceless!  

He will never be the same again. His whole personality will now have a more defined maturity.  I can only thank God that I witnessed the birth of another artist to make our stay on this temporary planet a bit more like our home in heaven! Praise God!!! 

I left his name out. can you guess who he is??