Our Jazz band actually stopped a train Saturday! What happened?

(photo by Vera Tu)

Saturday afternoon was alive with JAZZ as the VCS Radio Jazz Ensemble presented their unique brand of music to an enthusiastic audience. It was part of the 3-day outdoor Vacaville Jazz Festival being hosted at Nut Tree Plaza this last weekend. The problem was the train that circled the plaza's outside park area where the band was to perform. The train whistle and bell were so loud that it would have ruined the performance. Blowing the piercing whistle and clanging the bell is required of the train at all of the park entrances for safety. 

The train is part of the business of Nut Tree. It has to run! Well, maybe not.

Some of the fans pooled their resources and bought out the train tickets for the duration of the VCS kids' remarkable 30-minute concert! The train didn't run for the entire performance. Instead, it stayed parked so as not to disturb the music.

Now, that's what I call a supportive audience!!

The performance was also broadcast live on VCS Radio 100.9 FM